Friday, January 23, 2009

Whar do you find th'time?

In the treasure of books, patterns and other quilt paraphernalia that I received the other day...I found this. Hope it puts a smile on your face. At least it will if you can relate!

In case you can't see it too well...(you may have to click on it)

Elviney: Take a gander at my latest work of art, Loweezy.
Loweezy: Glory be! Whar do you find th'time to make them purty quilts, Elviney?


Misty M. said...

You would think Loweezy would have plenty of time for quiltin' and such seein' that she don't do none of them thar chores or nuthin'!

I know that is how I find the time!!! I better go clean my kitchen right this minute... it looks a bit like Loweezys'

lol thanks for the laugh.

Sarah said...

So funny! What a mess...but what a nice quilt!

Debra said...

I remember that cartoon! I believe at one time I had it hanging on my bulletin board.

Mary said...

I always tell every one I have time to quilt since I don't do the dishes. I'm lucky I still have a young person here who does them for me. I can relate. :-)

Evaly said...

Ha- you can always tell when I'm working on a project (or just being lazy!)- my house gives it away :)

Summerset said...

Been There!

I left an award for you on my blog. Enjoy!