Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Goofy, But Not A Show-Off!

I'll admit I'm a little goofy, but I'm not a "Show-off"...

Here I was being goofy with Orlando Bloom:
Here I was being goofy at a quilt show. I believe that if I crop half my body in a picture, it takes 50 lbs off!
Here is a picture from the olden days, when I was a goofy cheerleader:
And here is the back of a quilt I did for Road to California. Ok, here maybe I was being a show-off!
For the most part, I believe my machine quilting should enhance a quilt, not over-take it. For the most part, I don't think a machine quilter should be a show-off. For example, look at this pretty quilt.
The piecer put a lot of time and effort into this quilt. I love the contrasting colors in these beautiful batik designs.
So I quilted a simple freehand design and changed threads throughout to match and enhance the fabrics.
That way my machine quilting didn't over-take the quilt, just enhanced it.
And the graphic layout of the quilt was not lost. The machine quilter wasn't a show-off, you see.
And in the back, I picked subtle colors there too, so it didn't detract from the beautiful fabric.
You see...same freehand design throughout, just different threads to match. Hey, wait a minute, who's that sleeping on the job???
Why, it's the Purse Dog of course, sunbathing in my quilt studio!
She's back from a week at the dog kennel. I'm sure she didn't get any sunbathing time there! And I'm back from a week in Oregon for Easter visiting my parents....and back from about 3 weeks of being sick! I'm feel so much better now!
Tons of quilts to do...
Get back to work, Vivian!


chq said...

Really beautiful work...I love when a machine quilter will take the time to change thread colors. What a precious little dog you have, glad you are feeling better!

GARI said...

Your quilting is beautiful and thoughtful.

Kara & Levi said...

When my dogs lay in their "sunbathing" position I call it their dead dog pose. They look like a dead dog on the street don't you think?? haha

Suzanne said...

Beautiful quilting, as usual. Glad you're feeling better too.

Quilt Hollow said...

As always...lovely quilting. I wish I could click on some of the photos to see it better though.

Sherri said...

I love this post! Your quilting is fabulous as always! And I have more quilts on my "Send to Vivian" list!!!