Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Humor thy Father!

In a "Family Circus" cartoon that I saved from 1997, it reads, "The Gospel According to Dolly....Jesus' helpers were the Twelve Opossums....Moses got the Ten Commandments at the top of Mount Cyanide...Thou shalt not admit Adultery....Humor thy Father and thy Mother."

Last Sunday we honored our fathers...maybe even humored them, too.

My dad is such a great example to me. He always does whatever is asked of him. In work, for 30 years he worked for the same company and took only one sick day. In Church, he fulfilled all callings or assignments 100%. As a dad, he helped us, taught us, loved us. I have the unique opportunity of living in the same house that I grew up in. Along the sidewalk in front of our house is where my dad taught me to ride a bike. In the backyard I look around and see many of the trees my dad planted. I can recall many evenings together reading the Scriptures around the dinner table and kneeling as a family (all 8 of us) around my parents' bed for prayer each night.

My dad continues to be an example to me. He's retired now and he and my mom live in Oregon. They devote their time to genealogy. He has taught me to love genealogy too! He's a wonderful grandfather too. My children turn to him for advice and guidance. He is wise and they actually listen to him more than me! I love you dad!

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Diane said...

What a great tribute to your dad! I always thought it was so neat that you live in the house you were raised in. That house is going to have to stay in the family!