Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Tornados

Well, I'm back from Kansas. There was a tornado warning, but no tornado watch. Locals explained to me what the difference was. I told them I knew what to do in an earthquake but not a tornado. They clarified everything for me. It helped to calm my nerves a bit.

I am feeling better today. I was quite jet-lagged. I know it's only 2 hours time difference, but it really affected me. Wow! And I missed so much while I was gone! What! Paris Hilton got out of jail and went back! Katie Holmes got her haircut! Britney Spears got her nails done! See what happens when I leave town! I was so behind on my 'mind candy' site, !!!

The Machine Quilters Showcase was great. I enjoyed it very much. I was blown away by all the gorgeous quilts in the show. The Best of Show was awarded to Sharon Schamber of Payson, AZ who I was able to talk to. I met her many years ago and enjoyed getting reaquainted with her. I have admired her work for many years. She is an inspiration and super nice and down-to-earth. Her daughter Cristy, of Purple Daisies, was very nice as well.
Pictured: Sharon Schamber at MQS, 6/9/2007 and some views of the Best of Show Quilt, Flower of Life. Check out the picture of the label on the back. The back was even amazing!!!

There were many 'movers and shakers' in the machine quilting world at the show. Yes, there are actually 'movers and shakers' in machine quilting! I spoke with Pam Clarke, Marcia Stevens, Marilyn Badger, Myrna Ficken, Cathy Franks, Suzanne Earley, Anne Bright, Deb Geissler, Sophie Collier, Sue Patten, Megan Best, Kelly Gallagher-Abbott, Kim Brunner, Karen McTavish...just to name a few! They were all so kind. Such an honor for me to talk to them!
Now, I didn't take any of the classes at the show, but instead worked at my friend Gina Halladay's booth for Cranberry Quiltworks. She is a Gammill dealer and also carries thread, patterns and supplies for the machine quilting industry. I help Gina at the studio as a freemotion machine quilting teacher and also schedule visiting teachers. So at MQS, I not only helped in her booth, but also went around speaking to those 'movers and shakers' and arranged for them to come to Cranberry Quiltworks.

I will write again about some of the great things I learned at MQS. I came back engergized! I think it's just what I needed to recharge myself. More pictures and stories to come...
Pictured: Marilyn Badger with her award-winning quilt "Awesome Blossoms"


charlottalove said...

get in the tub for a tornado.

Although it's terribly scary, I have never seen the sky so pretty as it is RIGHT before a tornado. It's the loveliest green/blue. ...and then I get in the tub.

Marsaili said...

Wow, it sounds like a fantastic time! Thank goodness there were no tornadoes!

Diane said...

Wow!! Oh to be a mover and a shaker!! Loved reading your news. Is that last picture actually a quilt?! Amazing!