Monday, June 4, 2007

Don't make eye contact!

This week I'm going to MQS in Overland Park, Kansas. I am so excited to meet quilters and teachers I have admired for many years. To me they are like celebrities! I will make sure I ask for their autographs of course! I hope they will allow me to make eye contact!

In my life I have had the opportunity of meeting lots of famous people. Not only at the Nixon Library where I gave tours for seven years, but seems like I just see people in the most random places...malls, airports, etc. For many years I went with my daughter Stacy as she worked on movies and television shows. She started when she was 16 and so because she was a minor I got to go with her. After she turned 18 I didn't get to go with her and that made me a little sad. I could have an entire blog about all the adventures we had together!

Once Stacy worked on a movie called "Mrs. Harris" starring Annette Bening and Ben Kingsley. In the movie my daughter portrays a student. It was filmed quite a few years ago and released in the beginning of 2007. Anyway, while working on the set, Ben Kingsley
insisted that everyone call him "Sir" Ben Kingsley. Do Americans have to address British royalty with their titles? I don't know correct protocol. We were not permitted to make eye contact with him either. Was this because he was a knight or because he was a big star? I don't know. I just tried to make sure we stayed away from him.
Then one day my daughter and I were walking through the trailers and we came around the corner and there he was! Our eyes met! Oh no! Would my daughter be fired? Would we be "be-headed." He just smiled and kept walking. Scary. (pictured left: Stacy on the set of Mrs. Harris, when she was about 16.)

Some celebrities can get to the point where they think they are better than others. Not all are like that of course! Tom Hanks, for example, is super nice. So is Geena Davis. Oh well, those are stories for another day!

Last weekend my oldest daughter Julie came home for her bridal shower. The wedding is in July and the mother of the bride still has sooooooo much to do. But for now I'm taking a little trip to Kansas. I checked the tornado forecast. I'm sure everything will be fine. Upon my return, I'll post pictures of MQS and let you know if I got some autographs!

(Julie and her bridesmaids, home fro the daughter Julie is second from left.)


Vicki W said...

Have a fantastic time at MQS. I've been twice and loved it - Overland Park is very nice too! Your comment about celebrities is interesting. I NEVER recognize people! Once David Crosby literally ran into me and my husband coming around a corner in an airport and I still didn't know who he was!

Thimbleanna said...

You're cracking me up with this tornado talk! It's all in what you get used to. At least with tornadoes, we usually have a warning and can go to the basement. But with an earthquake? They just sneak up on you and throw you out of bed! ;-)

Diane said...

Vivian...have a fun week!! No tornadoes...if you're lucky there will be a thunder shower or something. I was at a party at my neighbors house when her storm radio went off and everyone just IGNORED it!! I was a little nervous, but everyone assured me that those darn radios just go off all the time. How in the world will we know when to head for the basement!! My red ruby shoes are not working!!