Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm Not Desperate and I'm Not a Housewife.

...instead I am an Exhausted Quilter!!!

What have I been doing to become an exhausted quilter? Working on a customer's quilt to be entered in The Road to California quilt show.

Such an honor to be asked to quilt it! But it was so different than any other quilt I had done before. Let me share some pictures with you...(I can only show you a few hints). Maybe you'll get to see it at Road. I'll keep you posted.

(front views)

(back views)

And about Desperate Housewives...three years ago Daughter #2 worked on one of that show's first episodes. (Sorry, it's another show I don't watch, unless my daughter is on it) She played the friend of the character Danielle Van de Kamp. My daughter worked on the show before it even aired. Everyone on the set, from crew to actors, were keeping their fingers crossed the show would make it. My daughter was in a scene with a little-known actress named Eva Longoria. She said she was very tiny and very beautiful. It has been on for a number of years and has won numerous awards. Who knew it would be such a popular show?!!

Just goes to show you... you never know where life will take you.

(right: "friends" of Danielle)

(right: Daughter #1 went with Daughter #2 one day to hang out on set. They film the show at Universal Studios and during a break my two silly girls went over to the Psycho house to look for Norman Bates' mother.)


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Oh now I love Desperate Housewives - and I SAW your daughter in that episode - althought didn't know she was yours! Very very cool!!