Sunday, October 7, 2007

Learning from Talented People...always

Every now and then I get to meet some wonderful, talented people. Here's one of them. Ronda K. Beyer. Yesterday I was able to attend the Southern California Longarm Group (I've always been a guest, and finally officially thing you know I volunteered to be a Co-Vice did that happen???). Anyway, we met at Cranberry Quiltworks and the guest was non-other than the talented Ronda K. Beyer. She is awesome and inspiring.
And pictured below is Gina Halladay...another wonderful, talented lady. Here she is pictured awarding a raffle prize to our guild--thread. You-can-win-thread: four words a longarm quilter loves to hear!
For the past three days Ronda K. Beyer had been teaching at Cranberry Quiltworks. I passed by one day and took a pic of Gina and Sharon...two ladies attending her workshop and who have blogs I visit now and then, here in the blog-o-sphere. It was fun to meet them in person. Super nice. Can't you tell?


DearGina said...

Was so fun to meet you too Vivian! Wish we could have had more time to chat! Great pics! Im going on a diet:::grin::

Ronda Beyer said...

I ditto what Gina said, I was hoping to chat a bit more.... Maybe when you come to see your family in Oregon. Thanks for your kind words, I enjoyed my time at Cranberry and meeting new friends..

gina said...

Thanks for the post about Ronda's workshow and lecture at Cranberry Quiltworks. Her work is amazing. She is certainly a talent who will be known by many others in the months to come. Thanks Vivian.

Sharon said...

I too wish we could have spent more time chatting. How on earth did you sneak that picture in??? Sneaky girl you.