Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Could Be The "Quilt Paparazzi!"

Enjoying the Road to California quilt show last weekend, I walked around snapping pictures of a few quilting celebrities. Who did I see chatting usual? None other than Gina Halladay of Quilters Buzz & designer of Threaded Pear patterns. That's her in the cute green jacket. I know it's not the best shot, but remember paparazzi must remain incognito! (I'm not as bold as Britney Spears' paparazzi!)

"Oooh, oooh, there's Ricky Tims", I exclaimed to Daughter #2, who accompanied me to the show. She was not impressed. She's not a quilt maniac like her mom.

Here's a 'paparazzo' (that's the singular form in case you didn't know!) making a bold move. I am asking Eleanor Burns if I can take a picture with her. She was so sweet and kind. I've been a huge fan of her's for 30 years and have her first 'Quilt in a Day--Log Cabin' book.

Here we are. Eleanor Burns and one of her many fans.

And who quilted that darling quilt made with Lakehouse Dry Goods fabrics? That's the quilt paparazzo, Vivian Love, who quilted some quilts for The Calico House, one of the vendors at the show.

Yes, even the papparrazzi is 'proud to be a quilter.' I hope my quilting helped The Calico House sell lots of patterns and kits at the show. I sure enjoyed quilting them!


Debra Spincic said...

Do you just have half a body?

chook said...

ohh love the pics thank you
hugs Beth

Diane said...

Boy you've been a busy blogging girl since I last checked in. I love the pictures...especially the one showing your good side!

Michael did attend a LaHabra ward on Sunday with his friends from BYU. They drove to Cali for the holiday weekend to do the Disneyland thing. He says this is a tradition. (They did the same thing last year.)

gina said...

way to go Vivian. You've got quite a teaching gig on Saturday.. See you soon...might even get a chance to talk to you too!

Alycia said...

you are a great quilt Papparazzi! I love the quilts you did - wonderful job!