Friday, January 18, 2008

What Does An Unemployed Actress Do?

Well, the WGA strike sure affected Daughter #2. No work. So, what can she do?

Well, she can model. Here's a recent ad she did for a formal gown designer.

She can watch lots of DVDs.

Right now she is working on her ballot for the SAG awards. And to promote their movies, production companies send SAG members copies of the nominated films. "For your consideration..." It's been fun to see what comes in the mail every day. (They've been sending them to my home...yippee!) We watched Hairspray last night. I had a hard time with John Travolta portraying a woman, (what happend to Vinnie Barbarino?) but I loved fellow Orange County girl, Michelle Pfieffer.

She can keep her fingers crossed...

...for "The Great Buck Howard" starring John Malkovich premiering tonight at the Sundance Film Festival. Daughter #2 portrays an assistant to Tom Arnold, who has a cameo in the film. I hope they didn't cut her scene out. And I hope it does well at the film festival. I wish I could have gone up there to Utah to enjoy the festival, visit Daughter #1 and see my friend Robert Redford!

She can get an office job.
Daughter #2 is going to be working full-time in downtown Los Angeles at a law firm. Another starving actress finds a steady job. After all, she needs to eat and pay rent, right?

She can be a wife.

Yep, she did that about a month ago and is living 'happily ever after' with her Sweetheart.

And she can go to the Road to California quilt show with her Mom today.

(I have a quilt hanging there and I want to take pictures of it. And of course I have to do a bit of favorite part!)

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Debra Spincic said...

talented and beautiful--you must be proud!