Thursday, February 21, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice!

That's what my mom used to tell me as I would sit and play the piano. I never really got that proficient at it, but I do alright. I played the piano for years in the Primary (children's meeting) at my church. Now I teach the children singing. I really enjoy it. It's like "The Vivian Show" every Sunday! :)

Anyway, these days my BabyBoy is practicing the piano. He has lots of time on his hands these days, since he graduated early from high school and hasn't found a job yet. He's very talented and has been working at teaching himself the piano. (Side story and confession: I am not a good mother. I never taught any of my 3 children the piano. Bad, Bad, Vivian! I didn't have the patience.)

This is the piano in our home. It's an old "Chickering" built in 1893.
I bought it in 1993 when it was 100 years old. My dad lovingly restored it for me. I love my piano and have told my family that when I die and if there's not enough money to bury me in a casket, I would be happy to be buried in my piano. I know that's kinda sick, but it's the truth.

Let's see what my BabyBoy is working on lately. "Cold Play"...excellent choice!

And who is sitting in a comfy chair in the room waiting for BabyBoy to play? His #1 Fan: The Purse Dog. (Actually my BabyBoy is out rock climbing with friends. He's enjoying his 'free-time-after-graduation a little too much, I think.)

And practice for me too! Yes, I've been doing charity quilts since I started my "First and Ten" plan. I do ten quilts for my business and then one charity. Here's one where I practiced Suzanne Early's Meandering Magic.

And check out this backing fabric! Bright and fun. I wonder where this quilt will end up.

Now I must say a word about the thread I used on this charity quilt. At first I was using a lovely, bright variegated Superior Thread, "King Tut." I was having a lot of breakage. It was driving me crazy. I never had problems with that thread before. It could've just been the day. So I decided to try a new thread that Gina Halladay of Cranberry Quiltworks told me about. It is "Lava" by Superior Threads. I loved it! It quilted like a dream. Thanks for the recommendation, Gina! (They sell it at Cranberry Quiltworks, too!)


Staci Jayne Love said...

You need to write more about the Purse dog!

LaVonne A. Norris said...

Hello Vivian. I love your blog. I'm not a dog lover, but your Purse dog is cute. Is that her/his name? Anyways, mate. I have completed my "7 Random Facts About Me". I should be working, but its friday! Hey, why don't you take your "It's the Vivian Show" on the road? Our music lady sucks!! We need you!! Love ya mate.

Stefani McCune said...

LOVE the purse dog! I remember when my oldest was sitting next to the Purse dog and she made the Puppy look big! You & your children are all very talented. Must be because of the wonderful mom they have!

Jenna said...

Hi! I found you off the LDS Women Bloggers site. I love, love, love purse dog! And I think it's great that your son is learning the piano now. It gives me courage that when things fall through the cracks with my kids, they still have time to pick them up, right?

dee said...

Oh Vivian-what to say first???
The fabulous piano?
The talented kid?
The adorable Purse Dog?
The beautiful quilting???
I just love coming here for a pick-me-up. You really brighten my day.