Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Slow Poke Day...A Slow Poke Quilt

A Slow Poke Day

Sun. morning I was rushing around getting ready for church...as usual. I was in the shower, dropped a bar of soap and went to pick it up, and as I did, my back went out. Ouch! I barely survived church because I was in lots of pain. Then on Mon. morning I went to the doctor.

I had already made the appt. to see my doctor weeks ago for some bad headaches I've been experiencing. Now it was headaches and a backache. I was a mess!

(Side Story: The headaches have been going on for a couple of weeks. I even went to see the dentist about them, thinking they were caused from my teeth. But no. I was even prepared to make another "Root Canal Quilt", which I did for my dentist in trade for a root canal he did a few years ago.) Ok, back to the original story...

My doctor gave me an NSAID for arthritis to take care of what he believes is TMJ. And he gave me a muscle relaxer for the back. (I wonder if all this is from the Lyme Disease I got from a tick bite last year....mmm....I wonder.)

Well that muscle relaxer put me out! Big time! I took it and then decided to go take a little nap. You know, just a cat nap. Well, 3 hours later...
I have no recollection of the rest of the day. Hey, wait a minute! I think I saw something on the SCI-FI channel about people who could not account for a period of time. I think they said they were abducted by aliens! Do you think that's what happened to me? Just kidding. That muscle relaxer was way to potent for me. I'm not taking it anymore and I will just suffer through this. After all, I have tons of quilts to do. I don't think my customers would appreciate a drugged-up quilter working on their fine work.

A Slow Poke Quilt

Here is a quilt I have been working on for weeks...on and off. Luckily I have zipper leaders and can take the quilt on and off to work on other quilts in between. It's finally done and is going to it's owner tomorrow. Why did it take so long? Well, I did some "McTavishing" on it. Or rather, my own version of "McTavishing." I never really got the hang of that technique, so I do my own thing. It's the kind of technique where there's no turning back. Once you start, you have to keep going with it. You can't really change your mind because it would be an absolute bear to rip it out. It's lovely, but very time consuming. But I am happy with the end result. I hope the customer likes it too. Here are some views of the Kokopelli quilt. I call it the 'slow poke' quilt.


dee said...

Wow Vivian, the double whammy!Followed by the total knock-out. SOme of those meds just make me feel worse as well. Like a Zombie.
Hope you're feeling much better soon.
The quilt is lovely and Hey!...I have that fabric in the Closet of Shame somewhere...hmmmm

Thimbleanna said...

Wow--can you really cut a quilt-for-a-root-canal deal? That's awesome! Your quilting is amazing!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!