Friday, April 11, 2008

"Come To Zion...Come To Zion"

Upon driving to Utah, one can't help but sing the chorus of the old hymn "Israel, Isreal, God is Calling." "...calling thee from lands of woe." What does that mean? I hope it doesn't mean that California is considered a land of woe! Note of explanation: Utah is sometimes referred to as Zion, but it actually means, God's promised land. (I think that Yorba Linda, CA: my hometown is God's promised land!)
Last week, while visiting Utah, we had a nice time up in Tremonton, Utah visiting Daughter #1 and her Sweetheart. They live about 20 miles south of the Utah-Idaho border. My BabyBoy got to spend a few days staying up there with his big sister.

"BR" on the hill stands for Bear River High School, the high school my son-in-law attended in Garland, Utah. When I first saw these letters on the hill, I thought it meant "BRRRRRR, it's cold here!" I was grateful there wasn't any snow on the ground while we were there, but I must tell you, it was cold. One night we enjoyed a nice dinner in Perry, Utah at a great restaurant called "Maddox Ranch House." Here is Daughter #1 and my BabyBoy going in. I'm glad they are still good friends. I know my BabyBoy misses his big sister. Here they are pictured years ago in a much warmer climate, Balboa, CA....being silly at a photo booth.

And here they are last week at the Maddox restaurant. My BabyBoy gives it a thumbs up!

"Home of the World's Finest Beef"???...Beef, that's not what I ate there!

I had Bison! Yes, Bison! I was feeling rather adventurous that night. Perhaps it was the altitude and clean air--both of which I'm not used to! I was prepared to smother my Bison with barbecue sauce, but I didn't. It was actually surprisingly delicious.

Here is my DH pictured below with his dinner of rocky mountain oysters. Just kidding! It's steak and sauteed mushrooms. It was delicious.

When Daughter #1 and her Sweetheart were first married last year they lived in this cute little log home in Bear River City, Utah. Change that picture to "sepia" tone and you can just imagine it in pioneer times. (except for the basketball backstop on the garage and satelitte dish!)
This is the home they bought last year in Daughter #1 calls it...Tremonton, Utah.

Daughter #1 has had to learn about country living there. Remember this is a girl who grew up surfing and playing in the O.C. Once she asked her Sweetheart how the deer knew to cross from the right. According to the "deer crossing signs" they can only cross right to left, true? At least this is what Daughter #1 thought. I'm sure she'll catch on!

Oh, my beautiful Daughter #1 is very happy living and working in "small town Utah". After all, our ancestors came from Utah about a hundred years ago. Here she is pictured with her Sweetheart. They are so cute together. I'm sure she'll be just fine there in "Zion"...but I do miss her!

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Diane said...

Oh I always wanted to go to the Maddox restaurant. I think it was a drive-in and restaurant when we lived in Salt Lake. Looks like you had a good time. Tell daughter #1 hi for me. She looks so happy! I think my great grandfather was the first sheriff of Tremonton. I told that to Bro Hunsaker one day which led to the discovery that we are related! Small world!