Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Know a Name, A Glorious Name

The following blog entry is a bit egotistical. Don't say you weren't warned!
Did you see the latest report released by the Social Security Administration listing 2007's most popular baby names? Check it out here: PopularBabyNames. Where is the name Vivian? According to their records, the name Vivian is ranked #210 in popularity. When the Vivian pictured above (with her first Purse Dog) was born (I won't devulge the year, but let's just say she was born during the Kennedy administration) her name was ranked #188. The year she was born the most popular girl name was: Mary. In 2007 the most popular baby name was: Emily.

The famous Vivian Love, machine quilter extraordinaire was named after her grandmother. She was so beautiful. Her name was Constance Vivian. Here she is pictured with her little brother Brad. They kinda look like 2 sisters, but that's the way the little boys dressed in those days.
Here is her grandmother pictured like a little doll. (She looks so much like my niece Haven!)

Vivian's grandmother was so beautiful. She could have been a movie star!And here's another famous Vivian...Vivien Leigh. So beautiful.

Here is famous Vivian Love...ok, only famous in her own mind.

Here she is goofing around at an Angel game...famous people are always trying to get their pictures with her. Who is waving in the back? That's announcer Billy McDonald and former pitcher Mark Gubicza trying to get in the picture with her! (too bad she closed her eyes!)
And here she is getting stabbed in the stomach by Orlando Bloom.

And years ago, even Marie Osmond wanted to get a picture with famous Vivian Love!What does the name Vivian mean? It means insanity! No, really according to this site,, it means Vivacious...well, only when she's had a good night's sleep!

"I know a name,
a glorious name,
dearer than any other.
Listen, I'll whisper the name to you.
It is the name of Vivian."
(from LDS Children's Songbook #208, "The Dearest Names"
...revised only slightly by famous Vivian Love!)
What does your name mean? Where does it rank on the list?


Minou said...

Suzanne...means "Lily" (English). Back in the day, when I was born, Suzanne ranked around #65, but the name has dramatically dropped down the popularity list!

For those interested, I have a sewing/quilting related challenge on my blog...check it out.

Suzanne (the Lily!)

Stefani McCune said...

Your grandma really looks like Haven. So funny how Haven looks so much like my mom too. When I was born, Stephanie was ranked #11 which is why my mom spelled it Stefani. Often I get called Jennifer, which was the #1 name the year I was born. Very interesting.

Love the song at the end! Is that how they sing it in the Land of Gracious Living?

Feather on a Wire said...

I couldn't resist taking a look, my name has dropped from 81st in the year of my birth to 918th!
Though it has started to come back over here in England.

Lorraine said...

Lorraine - French - Laurel Crowned (what the!)...ranked 118 in the year I was born....not sure about last year..but then I was born in Australia so probably not relevant!!

erica e said...

Vivian is a lovely name! In fact we almost named our little girlie Vivian. Went with Lucy instead but maybe she'll have a sister someday...