Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Got Mail!

Look what I got in the mail the other day! My order from etsy shop: Home of art by my talented brother and his wife. I love it! It's a Scrabble tile! I also got a silver chain with it. Many people look at it and ask if it's turquoise. I love turquoise and it goes well with many of my turquoise jewelry pieces. Check out their etsy shop and see all the other fun Scrabble tile jewelry: Home Studio.

And speaking of mail...
I was a little upset when I didn't receive my invitation to the recent Jenna Bush and Henry Hager wedding. It must of gotten lost in the mail. And they didn't even ask me to make a quilt!
About the closest "White House wedding" shin-dig I've ever been invited to was the Tricia Nixon Cox and Edward Cox 25th wedding anniversary. (Here they are at their Rose Garden wedding in 1971.)I did make them a quilt for their 25th Anniversary. Seems like just yesterday...Oh, my it was in 1996? How time flies! Here they are on that day at the Nixon Presidential Library in 1996.)

And here I am presenting a quilt for them. It's one of 3 "Republican" quilts I made. Why is it a Republican quilt? Well if you had read my blog last May, you would know. But if you weren't reading my blog then, you can read about it here: A Republican Quilt.

Below I am pictured on the right with Christopher Nixon Cox, Edward Cox and Tricia Nixon Cox. (notice I had to cut myself in half in the gives the illusion that I'm really thin!)
Side note: Where is Christopher Nixon Cox today? Read about him here: A Nixon Grandson. I really liked that boy. Ok, now he's 29. I told him once that if he were ever president, I would work for him!
Side note No. 2: Who is Tricia's sister Julie Nixon Eisenhower supporting in the upcoming election? You can find out here: A Nixon for ?

Ok, I'll forgive Jenna Bush and her husband this time. Maybe her twin sister Barbara will send me an invite when she gets married. I'll be checking my mailbox, Barbara!

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Stefani McCune said...

Vivian, Thanks for showing your new pendant in your blog! As a thank you I'd like to send you a free pendant & chain. Just email/convo me at Etsy & let me know which one you'd like. Would you like another 24" chain too?

Thank you!! ♥stef