Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pretty Little Things

Here are some pretty things to share...

First, is a tatted bookmark from my friend Lupe. She is the mother of a friend of mine from high school. My friend and I haven't talked in years, but her mom still lives in the area. We've become great friends. Actually I would say I have become better friends with my friend's mom than her! Funny how that happens. Funny how quilting is was brought us together. She's a quilter and amazing with embroidery and tatting or "frivolite"...that's how they say it spanish! Pronounced "Free-vo-lee-tay." I love the spanish word so much more! Isn't this beautiful?

Next is a beaded button from the amazingly talented Summerset Banks. (I love her name!) Check out her blog soon and see her work on her projects. You will be amazed at this seamstress! Click here: Pins and Needles. Isn't this button beautiful? She did it by hand! My photography is not very good, but that is a little butterfly charm on there too!

And lastly, a necklace from the artist Angela Cartwright. She is an amazing photographer and artist. If that name sounds familiar to you, it's because she was "Penny Robinson" in the original Lost in Space, circa 1965-1968 and Brigitta in The Sound of Music, circa 1965. Check out her blog and etsy store. Beautiful stuff: Said & Done.

And one more pretty little thing...Ok, maybe it's not that little. A couple of days ago I drove down to the Orange County Fairgrounds to drop off my quilt entry. I hope it is displayed. The OC Fair is one of those fairs that tells you they will only display the quilt if they have room. Well, in case you don't get down there July 11-Aug. 3, here's the quilt I entered....
To take pictures I hung it over a banister in my home. It belongs to a friend of mine who bought the quilt top at a garage sale! Can you believe it? It was hand pieced! I did the backing, quilting, and binding. Didn't it turn out nice? I wonder who pieced this lovely thing...we may never know! (the people who sold it at the garage sale didn't know either!)
I attached a sleeve before I took it down to the fair grounds. It will be removed after the fair. My friend wants to put it on her bed.

Have a great day! It's nice and sunny here in southern California. Today I'm headed to downtown L.A. to each lunch with Daughter #2. Another adventure for me! Yeah!


Summerset said...

Frivolite sounds *so much* better than tatting! I've actually never tried tatting, maybe one of these years. Glad to see the button arrived!

That yellow lone star quilt is stunning - such a great mix of old and new. It would really be an injustice if it wasn't hung for all to see and enjoy.

Vicki Genz said...

I'm so glad someone is appreciating that beautiful quilt, even if the relatives of the maker didn't. You definitely did the top justice with your quilting. I just saw the Heather Bailey quilt. One word: stunning! Both the quilt and the quilting. You are so lucky to have been able to work with her. I met her once too. She is just the sweetest thing, isn't she?

Charmaine Chachula said...

I too delivered my quilt to the OC Fair in June with hopes of having it displayed. The Fair opened today and I was thrilled to see it hanging...right behind your beautiful quilt.