Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Return to My Los Angeles: Part 1

Last March I wrote a four-part series called "My Los Angeles." You can read about it here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Yesterday I returned to Los Angeles to meet up with Daughter #2 for lunch. Can you tell where we went? "Forget it Jake, It's Chinatown." --Jack Nicholson, as Jake Gittes in Chinatown, 1974.
Yes, that's right. Los Angeles has a Chinatown district and that's where we went. We caught a bus (for only 25-cents!) called The Dash and went from the financial district (where Daughter #2 works) over to Chinatown.

As you can see my BabyBoy came too. It was lots of fun! Here is Daughter #2 (below) posing in front of one of the many pretty gardens we saw. Did you know Jackie Chan's "Rush Hour" was filmed there? I didn't. But that's what I learned from the side of this restaurant. (too bad there's a little graffiti on it!) I just loved the architecture. This is a bank pictured below. I felt like I was in a foreign country...but it was still "My Los Angeles!" There were plenty of places to shop. We saw lots of these little bamboo plants. I think they are for good luck. I should have picked up one! Maybe next time. Daughter #2 bought one to put on her desk at work.
What is Daughter #2 doing in this picture below? Besides trying to look goofy, she's actually throwing a penny into a pretty water fountain. She's aiming at the dish in front of the sign "Vacation."

You see, you can aim at the dish in the garden for "Vacation" or "Long Lif." I aimed for Long "L-I-F." What does that mean.??? Seriously, that's what it said. So here you see me aiming for that! Well, here's hoping all of you have a long "lif." Tomorrow I'll tell you where we actually ate lunch. And it wasn't chinese food! You'll see. Come back again tomorrow. And I have another lovely sampler quilt to show you too!


Coleen & Kelly said...

what a fun fun field trip!

Minou said...

I love Chinatown! I took members from my Utah college service group there in the early 1980's...great food!