Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thinking Easy ~ Thinking Hard

Wow! I have been so busy since my last post. Today, being Father's Day, I am remembering my Dad. He has always been there for me and is such a great example to me. Last year I wrote a post about him and you can read it here: "Humor Thy Father." My dad grew up in Mar Vista, California. Believe it or not, he was a surfer. He's now in his 70's, but back in the day, he would surf every single day at Venice Beach. When we were little, he taught all of us kids to swim and bodysurf in the ocean. I miss him. He and my mom live in Oregon now. No more surfing for him. Those days are gone. I wonder if he misses it.
In Church today, our Primary (children's organization) decorated little cakes with the faces of their fathers. Each kid was given frosting tubes to do the "art work." One little boy drew his dad's mouth and then two chins, one where it normally would be and another directly below that. One of the leaders said to him, "Hey I think you might have drawn too many chins there." The boy answered and said, "No, really my dad has two chins, just like that!" We all had a good laugh!
What have I been doing lately? Quilting, of course. The last one required me to think hard. Let me explain. It was a beautiful sampler quilt. Each block was unique and beautiful. And each block required me to think hard. What to do in each block? The picture below shows the entire quilt. You can't see my quilting and hard thinking in this view. So let's take a closer look!
Here are some favorites...

In the center was this beautiful tree...

Here was a beautiful Hawaiian applique block...
The thread I used most was Perma Core "Ecru" and in the borders and sashing I used Perma Core "Ruby Red."
I especially loved this cute sailboat block below! Too bad you can't see the quilt in person! It really turned out nice. Oh, my head hurts from thinking so hard!
While I was busy working on that sampler quilt, a lady called and said she needed her quilt done quickly to take on a trip. Well, Vivian Love aims to please! Luckily I use the quick zip system on my longarm and I was able to zip off the sampler quilt and zip on her quilt.
And she gave me a copy from the magazine where she got the pattern for the quilt. In it they gave suggesting quilting! Yeah! Easy thinking! (Believe me, this doesn't happen very often!) I just followed the 'suggested quilting' and it came out lovely and it was fast to do. And my head didn't have to think so hard!
My thread of choice? A beautiful King Tut Variegated #935.
Oh, what will the next quilt be? Will it require thinking easy or thinking hard? Have a good weekend...until next time blogging friends!


Vicki W said...

Beautiful quilting on both quilts! I just love King Tut thread.

Summerset said...

Lovely, as always! Those zipper leaders are one of the most clever longarm inventions.

Minou said...

I really like the tree block. Beautiful work by both the maker and quilter.


Thimbleanna said...

I'll bet your dad DOES miss surfing. Think what it would be like if you couldn't quilt anymore??? Your quilts are beautiful, as always!!1

Deb said...

Beautiful quilting on both quilts. And I love King Tut thread too!