Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Can Tell A Lot About A Man...

You can tell a lot about a man, by his quilt!
Let's take a closer look at this quilt. What can you tell about the man who's getting this quilt for Christmas. (BTW, it's not my DH. I just did the machine quilting.)

Well, we see here that he loves cowboy stuff. Lots of western fabrics in this quilt:
You can tell he likes hunting. There are fabrics in the quilt with duck and pheasant prints:
I think he probably likes country music. This print reminds me of country music:
I think the man getting this quilt likes his tequila. There are some prints like this throughout:
He likes military fatigues too. Hey, wait a minute! Let's look a little closer. That's not just your typical military fatigue! Those are the shapes of women! Cute.
And speaking of can tell this man likes 'em! Now, I'm not into hunting and fishing, but is this how I'm supposed to dress?
Or maybe I'm supposed to dress like this gal:
Like I can tell a lot about a man by his quilt! Check out another man's quilt I did last year here: The Mudflap Girl Quilt.


Debra said...

Cute use for novelty prints!

w-love said...

You might find out alot about a man by his quilter! DH

dee said...

great quilt and great quilting as well.

So Funny Vivian-my word verification is sinin-hah!

MYRA said...

That is an awesome Disappearing 9-Patch! Those novelty print used in that pattern is a great idea for a men's quilt!
Happy stitchings!