Sunday, January 11, 2009

Three Angels

My 3 angels in Balboa many years ago.
We had a very quiet Christmas this year. The second one in a row. Daughter #1 was in Utah with her Sweetheart and his family. Daughter #2 was visiting Oregon with her Sweetheart and his family. So for Christmas it was just me, my Sweetheart and our BabyBoy. Ooops! Of course the PurseDog was with us too. (Forgive me, PurseDog!)

A few weeks later, though, we received wonderful news! Daughter #1 was given a plane ticket from her uncle and she was able to spend a weekend with us! (Thanks, Bob!) Her hubby was so sweet to let her come and see us. You see, it's been a year since she's been back to her 'ol stomping grounds...Orange County. They both have busy full-time jobs, full-time school, and a home in Utah they're doing work on. So we were thrilled that she was able to come and be with us for a weekend!

What a nice weekend we had! The first thing she asked for, after her plane landed, was to go to In-N-Out!The second thing she asked for was to go to the Huntington Beach pier. She and her dad and brother ate at Ruby's on the pier.We had a nice time visiting and hanging out together. Her last day with us, our whole family was together. Daughter #2 and her Sweetheart were in Reno and returned just in time to spend a day with Daughter #1. Here are my three kids together again after about a year apart. They really are angels. I have been so blessed to have three great kids!
On our last night together we played games. Here is Daughter #1 entertaining us. She cracks us up!
Can you tell she is very shy?
As you can see behind her, I left all the Christmas decorations up for her.
We had a great time together. I sure miss her.
Here is Daughter #2 and her Sweetheart. Everyone was playing Scene-It: Seinfeld Edition.
One of Daughter #1's friends from high school came by to visit too.
Here's my BabyBoy having a good time.
"Hey, Mom, do you always have to take pictures?"
And speaking of angels....
You know I'm not going to do a blog entry without including quilt pictures too!
Check out this darling baby quilt I just finished. The lady decreased the size of the embroidered blocks. The embroidered designs are of angel-kids. Isn't it cute?
Here is the top border you can see.
And this is a side border. I had lots of fun quilting this.
This block reminds me Daughter #1:
This one reminds me of Daughter #2:
And of course this one reminds me of my BabyBoy:
Happy quilting, blogging friends!


dee said...

Great family pics Vivian. Nice work on this adorable quilt as well. It's beautiful.

Debra said...

What a great little quilt!

You have a fun looking family and I know it is because you nurture them with lots of love!

Shannon said...

I'm glad everyone was able to get together!

I'm still bummed I couldn't talk my hubby into stopping at In and Out before we left L.A.

Beautiful quilt!

Evaly said...

Looks like fun!