Monday, November 12, 2007

A Thousand Invisible Threads

Why Do I Blog?

"We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results."
--Herman Melville.

I like this quote because it is what I believe. Our lives really are connected by "a thousand invisible threads". Blogging helps us keep those threads connected to one another. I only started writing my own blog in the beginning of 2007. Before then I was a 'lurker.' Never writing, never commenting, just reading and taking it all it. But since I started writing a blog my life has been enriched by such talented people. I never thought I would feel such a connection with strangers. Quilting has been our connection and, in a sense, we are no longer strangers. Blogging has helped me stay connected to new trends in the quilting world, inspired me, motivated me and taught me. I love reading other's ideas, opinions, and experiences. It also gives me a chance to share my life, my quilts, and share what I'm passionate about in the quilting world. It has also given me a forum to tell my silly stories.
(Daughter #2 with another actor on an episode of Cold Case. They played dorky 50's dancers. In this episode the DJ of the dance is murdered by his ex-wife. Choreography for the scene was done by Toni daughter was thrilled to meet her! )
Blogging has given me a chance to stay connected with friends and family.
(Daughter #1 on her wedding day around the pool, overlooking Orange was a beautiful evening.)
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Here's a quilting question for you. Yesterday a customer called to tell me that she has her 'egg money' quilt for me to quilt. What is an 'egg money' quilt? She acted like it was just common knowledge. I asked my 17-year old and he thought I said 'money egg' quilt. And said maybe it's like the money egg some people find at an Easter Egg Hunt. (here he is pictured making slime at our church Halloween Party.)
I asked the "Purse Dog" what she thought an "egg money" quilt was and this was her answer:

"Let me get back to sleep! I need my beauty rest!"

In a few days, you'll get to find out what an 'egg money' quilt is too!

And one more thing...

Happy Veterans Day. This is a what I wrote about my favorite Veteran. My grandpa.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing, Vivian. I wrote about my favorite veteran today too! I continue to be one of your readers...I'm glad that we are connected by those invisible threads.

dee said...

Egg Money is a reference to what women did back in the depression and , in fact for years after. Women raised chickens and sold the eggs for money to buy incidental items that they wanted but couldn't afford to take from the family budget. Special things like clothing for special occasions and fabric for quilts. Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day fame came out with a pattern a couple of years ago called "egg money quilts" They were made with fabrics like Judy Rothermel's "Aunt Grace" collection or feedsacks or all those repros from that era. Cute stuff if you like that. Sorry for the novella...I'm happy to have found your blog. It's always interesting. I think you'll get a sweet quilt to work on if this is what the lady meant.

Sharon Spingler said...

I'm working on a huge one now....98" x 100 something. If you will send me your email I will send you finished pics.
Love reading your blog.....especially after I had the honor of meeting you at Gina's.