Monday, March 24, 2008

Class Is In Session

"Boy, what a life...what I wouldn't give to just lay around all day!"
...Sometimes people are busier than we think!

Since I was out for a couple of weeks with the flu and hardly did any quilting, I'm busy trying to get caught up. I don't like to make my customers wait too long. I know how it feels to piece a quilt and be anxious to get it completed. I used to send my quilts out and I couldn't wait for the longarmer to call and tell me they were done.

Oh, I wish I could show you the quilts I'm working on these days. But they are "Top Secret." I'm doing a number of quilts for Calico House, a local quilt shop in Placentia, CA, that will be presented soon. When I can post the pictures I took, you'll see. They are gorgeous! I'm amazed at the fabrics the designers are coming out with. Awesome!

Pictured: class samples, my sketch pad and my photo album.

My freemotion quilting class I taught last Sat. at Cranberry Quiltworks went very well. Each and every class I teach I come home and tell my husband, "Now that was the best class ever!" So I guess the classes are getting better and better. The ladies I taught all had a number of years experience quilting on their longarms, so it ran very smoothly. I hope they learned things that were beneficial to them. I had a great time. I love teaching...which to me is easy, because all I'm really doing is sharing!

This class sample was quite appropriate for Easter. It's a printed panel of Peter Rabbit that I quilted with many fun techniques I teach.

The bag I created for the Amy Butler contest.

No, The Purse Dog and I didn't win the Amy Butler Sew Inspiring contest. The winner was announced on Mar. 12th. Oh well, I enjoyed making this bag anyway. It's not very often I get to sit at my sewing machine and sew! I'm thinking about making some more to sell on my spare time! What's that?


Thimbleanna said...

Aha! You must be the Vivian that Sharon met on Saturday. I was going to ask her if it was you, but I thought ... naw, it's just a coincidence LOL. The bag is beautiful -- especially with the Purse dog in it!

Janet said...

I love the picture of the dog in the purse! The purse looks great too!