Monday, March 31, 2008

My Los Angeles: part four

"It is this erotic bond between artist and subject--even if the subject is a water lily--that is read subconsciously by the viewer and ties the image to the beautiful." --Steve Martin

Yes...yet another Steve Martin quote for our last and final installment of "My Los Angeles."
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Have you wondered why I say My Los Angeles when I refer to Los Angeles? I've said that for years. Whenever I drive into Los Angeles from Interstate 10 and I see, through the smog and haze, the first view of the skyline of the downtown area, I say "My Los Angeles." You see, when Daughter #1 worked as a courtesy clerk at Albertsons at the age of 16, (I called her a bag lady), she would never just say Albertsons. She always said "My Albertsons."

So in the days when Daugther #2 worked as an under-18 actress, I would accompany her to jobs and auditions. As we arrived in Los Angeles, sometimes at 6am...I would look at the skyline and say, "My Los Angeles." And so the title has stuck.
I think one of the most pleasant surprises about my tour of downtown Los Angeles was the beauty. On the news and in the movies, we only see the negative of Los Angeles. There are many beautiful sculptures, fountains, gardens and architecture throughout. Here are some images that I enjoyed:
Walking from the California Plaza to the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Below, our first view of the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MOCA.
Here is one of the sculptures in front. I loved it!
There are many sculptures like this throughout the downtown area.
What kind of sculpture is this below? It's so life-like! Wait a minute! Those are my silly kids.
They are saying, "Our mother is CRAZY!"
Let's continue...
Here are a few of the beautiful buildings we saw...there were many. This is the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Here's the beautiful Westin Bonaventure Hotel.
Even the inside is beautiful!
Check this out! As we crossed the street near the Central Library, we saw this painted on the street! The Los Angeles Marathon had taken place just before we were there. (If I start training now, do you think I'd be ready for next year?)
Below are some views of the U.S.Bank building courtyard. I thought it was so pretty, especially after the sun went down. Lots of twinkly lights. Daughter #2 decided to walk up the stairs. Working downtown, she walks up and down many stairs every day!
And if you're like me and the BabyBoy, you can take the outdoor escalator up! Much easier!
Below is the view looking down the stairs into the courtyard. Twinkly lights make all the difference!
More twinkly lights! You can never have too many!
I guess their mother is crazy! Check out these images below. Even the freeway can be beautiful in Los Angeles! I know it looks like a bad drug trip, but I like goofing around with my camera!
Now, folks your little tour of downtown Los Angeles is over! You have been so patient with me. Perhaps someday, My Los Angeles can be Your Los Angeles too! Have a great day! (PS. I'm going to a Laker's game tonight! My Los Angeles Lakers?)

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Minou said...

You are a great tour guide! I liked the photo of the Bonaventure's where my Senior Prom was held.

When you visit Logan...go get an ice cream at the on-campus dairy-yummy! I don't know the quilt stores in Logan, but there is one in Providence (south of Logan) that is very jumbled and packed to the ceiling (at least it was a year ago) and there is one on the other side of the Canyon in Brigham City on Main Street (west side of street) in downtown.

It's going to be a cold Conference...better prepare for snow!