Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Revised, Inspired, Tagged, and Taking Off


First I must say...yesterday I posted a blog entry and the very last thing I said was that I was going to a Lakers game. We got to the Staples Center and I looked down at the court from our friend's suite. On the floor it said, "Los Angeles Clippers." Oops! Sorry. (Actually I didn't watch the game much...just chatted away with our friends. Did the Clippers even win?)

Here are our friends outside the Lexus Club. Our friend showed us some of the rennovations they are making to the Staples Center complex.

Below is a view of the work being done in the area. It's going to be awesome!

Here is my DH (seated) watching the game from the suite. He loves basketball!

Here's where the ladies and I sat in the suite, enjoying the good food and good conversation.

Oh, was there a basketball game going on?

As we left, I snapped the picture below. We had such a nice time.



A few weeks ago I listened to a Podcast at Craftypod.com that really inspired me. It was about "Afghans for Afghans." If you like listening to Podcasts, I highly recommend that you listen to this one. I decided to contribute to the cause...making afghans for Afghans. Here's my first one. If you want more info, check out their site here: Afghans for Afghans. Now, I know it's not quilting, but I haven't crocheted in years. I forgot how much I enjoy it. ...I also forgot how to wind up yarn. At first I had a big 'nest' of knots! Frustrating, for sure!
Finally I had my BabyBoy help me unwind the wool yarn into balls. See, my progress below? It's a baby afghan going to Afghanistan!



I've been tagged once more. This time from Wendy at The Running Quilter. Believe me! I don't think I'll ever run out of weird and random facts about me! This time though, I thought I would share 7 weird or random things about me and quilting!
And as you read the 7 things, please enjoy pictures of a recent quilt I worked on.

1. I have a hard time throwing things away...especially quilt related. Therefore, my scrapbaskets are overflowing and my bookshelves of full of quilt magazines and books!
2. I don't like to sit and do binding on quilts. Daughter #1 was married last July and I am just NOW getting the binding done on her wedding quilt.
3. I won a blue ribbon at a local guild quilt show the first year I got my longarm.
(notice in the picture below...The Purse Dog always getting into the picture!)

4. I had a quilt hanging in the Road to California.

5. I started a log cabin quilt for Daughter #2 when she was 8. I started quilting it by hand. It still sits in a closet unfinished. She'll be 21 in June!

6. I've seen "How to Make an American Quilt" at least 100 times.

7. I love the smell of 100% cotton fabrics. That's why I hang out in quilt shops. It gets me high. Just kidding! Really, I do love them though!

Taking Off...
I'll be gone until next Sun. I'm going up to Utah for the LDS General Conference, my DH's mission reunion, and to visit Daughter #1 in Tremonton. I will make sure I bring warm clothes! I will try and stop by a quilt shop or two, of course!
Have a great week!


dee said...

I just love that quilt you are showing. Is it yours? Adorable, and the prairie points are just the icing in the cake.
Have fun and thanks for the LA travelog. I really enjoyed that.

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- that's my kind of basketball game -- visiting with the ladies! I love that nursery rhyme quilt -- very cute! Have a great time in Utah -- visit Whimsy Cottage for me -- I LOVE that place!!!