Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Things From Surprising Places

Here's the first "good thing" I would like to share...
Isn't this a pretty sampler quilt?
There was lots of quilting to be done on this quilt, as you can see.
Never a dull moment with sampler quilts, that's for sure! Wonder where this sampler quilt came from? I was kind of surprised, actually.
It came from Joann's! It was their "Spice Meadows" quilt kit, published April 2006!
And the second "good thing" was a french dip roast beef sandwich from Phillipe's in Los Angeles. As I mentioned in my "Return to My Los Angeles" post a few days ago...we did not eat in Chinatown.
Instead, just a short walk from Chinatown was the original home of "french dipped" sandwiches, Phillipe's.
The ambience at Phillipe's is fun too! You kinda feel like you've stepped back in time. The waitresses who work behind the deli counters even wear uniforms that look like they come from the 50's. Everyone eats at long tables on stools. Below is a sign posted on the street in front. It started in 1908 and is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Los Angeles.
Check out the floor too! That's sawdust!
A trip to Los Angeles should include lunch at Phillipe's. It was delicious and (to borrow from Martha Stewart) a "good thing!"


Summerset said...

I find some decent things at Jo-ann's if I dig around enough. (Empahsis on "dig".) Decent enough meaning that the fabric is sufficient for children's clothing that will be worn to death or grown out of quickly or for trendy clothes that will out of style next week anyway. Once in a while I do find a true gem.

Now, why did I miss all this cool stuff when I lived in the LA area for two years? Maybe it's because I lived closer to Long Beach in Bellflower and Paramount? Or maybe I was just clueless. Yeah, that's it, clueless.

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Pretty quilt and Phillipe's looks like an awesome place to go!