Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deja Vu?

I was born in Utah and only lived there for a short time. I don't even remember it. You see, I was born during the time my dad was a graduate student at the University of Utah. After graduation, my dad took a job in Pennsylvania where we lived until I was 5. On weekends my parents took us to New York City. Pictured above are me and my sisters on the ferry going out to the Statue of Liberty. (left to right: Me, Vanette, and Vickie...and I think Valerie's in there too! Yes, that's right! All V's.)

Now what does this have to do with "deja vu?" Well nothing yet...just keep reading. I just really like that picture. Aren't we cute?

Anyway, as I said, I have no memories of the time I lived in Utah as a baby. When I was in Utah recently, though, our youth group met for a number of workshops at an historical LDS church site called "The Tenth Ward" building. It was so beautiful. After sharing some of the pictures on our family website, my dad called to tell me that it was the church building that I was blessed in! (in other churches, this would be like a christening.) When I was there recently, did I feel like I had been to that building before? Did I have a "deja vu" moment? Well no. I guess I wouldn't have remembered something that happened when I was an infant, but it was amazing to see that building. I want to share some pictures with you anyway...
(Pictured above: One of our workshops was hearing from Ann M. Dibb, daughter of the new president of the LDS Church, Pres. Thomas S. Monson....here she is answering questions from our youth about her father.)
The "Tenth Ward Building" was first built in the 1873. It is still being used for Sunday church services today. (note: a "ward" is what the LDS Church calls a congregation.)
I walked around the building to take these pictures. They say it's the only church building still being used for Sunday church services today that was built before the death of Brigham Young.
This is a plaque on one of the buildings.
Inside the chapel, this is the church organ, made of beautiful quartersawn oak. Was this the organ that was played on the day I was blessed? Most likely. Oh, I wish I could remember!
Notice these lovely windows in the chapel.
Below is my favorite stained glass window up in the balcony of the chapel. It depicts Jesus Christ knocking at the door. I believe it is based on the scripture in the New Testament, Revelations 3:20. Isn't it beautiful? This window can been seen from the street at the front of the building. If you are ever in Salt Lake City, drive by this beautiful building. It's located at 410 S. 800 E.
Now, today I really did have a "deja vu" moment. I thought this quilt looked familiar! This is what I finished this morning:
It's a sampler quilt intermixed with a log cabin design. I love the layout of this quilt. I used a light thread in the light areas and a lovely rose colored thread in the sampler and log cabin blocks.
This quilt took a long time to finish machine quilting. Do you see why? It was huge! But so lovely!
Well, I thought the quilt looked familiar, so I started searching my quilt pictures files. Below is pictured one I did last March. It's actually the same quilt, but done in batik fabrics. (The Purse Dog always tries to get in the picture!)
I know these pictures aren't the best, but can you believe it's the same quilt? What a difference the fabric makes!
And a random note: I was so happy to hear what Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie named their twins...especially the little girl! Good choice!


Minou said...

I like the photo's of tenth ward...isn't it a beautiful building!

Hey, no making fun of the puka's...they were a great fashion statement in the the 1970's. I loved my pukas. I think I still have a strand somewhere in the bottom of my jewelry box.


Shannon said...


I'm still sad that I sold my quilt instead of sending it to you.

Martha said...

I will go see the Tenth Ward Building the next time I visit Salt Lake City. I love your quilting. I, also, enjoy reading your blog.

Mark & Stefani McCune said...

How cool to visit the building you were blessed in. It's such a beautiful chapel. You three girls are so cute! When your daughter #2 was here, I could hear you in her & once I looked up for a second and thought she was you!