Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Beginnings

Good Beginning No. 1:
Ok, so my "two-a-days" plan has gone out the window! At least, for now. The quilts I've worked on recently have been huge. It's kinda like one-every-two-days. That's not at all what I planned! But I keep moving forward. Here's one I began today. This is the border:
I chose a gold thread to do first. That is the predominant color. Everywhere else I pin-basted.
I use large coursage pins for pin-basting. I don't think you can ever have too many coursage pins! As I said this is the beginning of this quilt. Check back tomorrow to see the finished product.
Good Beginning No. 2:
My BabyBoy and his dad got their shots this week. You see, they are going to Peru next month. Yes, that's right, Peru! They will be there for 10 days on a humanitarian trip. They will also be able to some sightseeing in Cusco and Machu Picchu. You see, my husband served a mission there many years ago and this is the first chance he's had to return. He's taking my BabyBoy because he loves adventure. He loves roughing it. Is this where it all began? Below you see my BabyBoy going camping when he was young. The fathers and sons in my church go on outings every year together. This was one of the first ones they went on. My husband and BabyBoy always went early so they could pick the best campsite:
First it's a father and sons campout, next it's Machu Picchu?
I'm happy to report that my BabyBoy's arms are not as sore today as on the first day. He got four shots--two in each arm! Poor thing!

Good Beginning No 3:
Here's another story I must share with you from our recent church youth trip to Utah. The handsome young man pictured below is awesome. And I'm not just saying that because he is my BabyBoy! Let me tell you why:
Was this where it all began? My BabyBoy grew up with a loving, compassionate heart for those with physical disabilities. At an early age he would help his grandmother, my mother-in-law, who suffered from the debilitating effects of M.S. She was in a wheelchair all the years that by BabyBoy knew her. Ever since then he has had a kind heart for those with physical challenges. As I have shared before, our church youth group hiked up to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City. One of the young men in our group is wheelchair bound. He figured he couldn't make the hike as it not wheelchair accessible. In fact, the path up is all dirt and quite narrow. It is quite a climb! Well, in order for this young man to make it up, my son and some other strong young men, offered to carry him and his wheelchair up to Ensign Peak.
This was quite a task! The boys took turns carrying him up along the rough terrain. You can see them in the picture below. As the group of young men (and even a few young women too!) came up to the top of the peak, everyone cheered! I could hardly cheer because I was so emotional. My eyes were full of tears and I could barely even take these photos. It was an unforgettable sight. There were probably about 150 teens up there cheering at this sight:
Below you see the team as they are coming down off the peak. It was a great experience for all. I have wondered why my BabyBoy has such a kind heart for the physically disabled. I know it is because good beginning, helping his dear grandmother.

Good Beginning No. 4 (the last one):
While on my trip I took 3 books with me. This is the one I have been enjoying most. "Notes on a Life" by Eleanor Coppola:I am reading it slowly and enjoying every bit of it. Now because I'm reading it slowly, I'm still only at the beginning. It's like a delicious dessert that you want to eat slowly, savoring each and every bite. I love the way Eleanor Coppola writes. I feel like I know her. I'd love to go to lunch with her. I wish she were my friend. If anyone who reads my blog knows her, tell her to give me a call. I higly recommend her book!


dee said...

I told you that you would adore this book! It's akeeper and I went back and re-read parts already. I would love to tell her how much this book delighted me.
Good to see you're back in the swing. Take care Vivian.

Staci Jayne Love said...

I don't care what you or Dad may say, I think you got really lucky by having such a kind wonderful baby boy. Oh, and the rest of your kids aren't that bad either!

Anonymous said...

Your baby boy is very sweet! He came and helped us move a very heavy couch, that meant a lot to me and Jordan. Tell him to keep in touch with Jordan, he's a positve role model. We miss you guys in Cali, a lot!!

Mark & Stefani McCune said...

What a sweet & kind hearted boy you have! Your daughter #2 & her husband are great too. We had a nice visit with them this weekend. (hope they weren't too bored here...)